The Bowery, simply put, is a food business.

At The Bowery, we love food. It’s not just our business – it’s the reason we get up every morning.

Started and run by Guy Bower, a passionate food entrepreneur, The Bowery is all about making the best food we can. Everything we create is organic, free-range, super delicious as well as fairly-priced. Ambitious? Sure. But it’s easy when you’re passionate. 

And that’s not all we’re passionate about. The Bowery is all about sustainability. To keep our carbon footprint low, we only use local products, all sourced from within 300km of our head office. We deliver what we can by bicycle, and only partner with suppliers that also care about the environment. 

Stop Reading. Start Tasting.

Want a taste of The Bowery? Easy - there are plenty of ways to experience it. From event and shoot catering, to work lunches, to our famous TuckShop office eatery and the legendary Good Food Bus, there’s a Bowery food solution for you. 

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