Simple Quick Nachos by Guy Bower

Simple Quick Nachos

This is the beginning of a new series of simple recipes. 

This recipes feeds two people. These are delicious veggie nachos. Buy your favourite corn chips one bag is enough for 2 people. half a bag of cherry tomatoes, one pepper 250g of cheddar or mozzarella, both or one of them but 250g in total. one avo, 1 lemon and half a small tub of plain full cream yogurt, and a bunch of coriander. 

Put the oven on at 180 degrees. Foil a large roasting dish, deep or shallow. Place the bag of corn chips on the pan, cut/slice the pepper, red onion and cherry tomatoes and scatter these on top of the corn chips, then sprinkle the granted cheese on top. Place the baking tray in the oven and close the door. Should take 6-8 minutes for the cheese to melt. 

While this is happening smash the avo, add salt and pepper to the avo and a bit of the fine chopped red onion. 

Squeeze half a lemon and a bit of lemon zest into the yogurt. 

Take the pan out the oven, pull the foil out with the nachos and place on a large plate. Chop and scatter the coriander over the nachos, then drip the lemon yogurt and avo over the nachos. Place remaining lemon on plate and squeeze as required. 

Eat whilst warm and cheese is still gooey. 

Best enjoyed with an ice cold beer of your choice. 



bag of store bought corn chips

250 grams of grated cheddar and mozzarella 

12 cherry tomatoes

half a red onion 

1 sliced red or yellow pepper

1 avo

1 lemon

150ml plain yogurt 

1 bunch of coriander 

Open for Business by Guy Bower

Tomorrow we one for business at all three stores. We look forward to feeding all of you. 07h00 sharp, see you then. 

Experimenting by Guy Bower

We never stop experimenting, it's a very important part of our business. Creating, fixing and testing dishes and menus. 

A simple home favourite or a fancy dish seen on a cooking show or the internet. We think about it, research it a little and then we test, test and test some more. The best way to do this is make the dish multiple ways and eat it. Then eat it at other restaurants.  

Then do it all over again. Until we are all happy. 

Kick back and relax by Guy Bower

Time to kick back and relax. 

One of Guy Bower's favourite adult beverages is a gin cocktail. 

There are so many great ways to make a gin cocktail.

We will be sharing recipes in the new year. How to make great cocktails simple snacks and some treats to entertain the kids while you work. 

We are super excited and we hope you are to. 


Research With the A team by Guy Bower


The A Team is back from holiday and on research and testing camp on the bosses house. 

We are testing researching our new menus for 2018. 

We will be launching new Catering, FoodClub and TuckShop menus over the next three weeks. 

Keep your eyes peeled. 

Happy New Year by Guy Bower

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a good break and got a to see a little bit of our beautiful country. 

We hope you have the best 2018 and make it the best it can be. 

The Bowery

Summer Holiday by Guy Bower

Its holiday time and everyone is leaving the city.

If you're going on holiday travel safe and make sure you have fun. 

Christmas Party With the Bowery Family by Guy Bower


After a long year of hard work we decided to cool down and have a Bowery family lunch. 

Closed up early. The Brynston team joined the Sandton team for a delicious braai cooked by our Sandton head chefs. Call it a "Family reunion" if you will.