Her name is Bee / by Guy Bower


Yes that 51 years ago. This little grey beauty was born. She lived in a warehouse for 20 of these un-used and un-loved years. Then an NG Kerk got hold of her and used her for 10 years until they wanted air-conditioning. Then a man going through a mid-life crisis got ahold of her and sticker bombed, changed her seats and put all sorts of damage down. 

Guy Bower got ahold of her, and restored her back to the way all motor heads like them, with heart and class. Old seats, old wheels and old paint to keep her classic. We Rebuilt the engine and made sure she was at full health.

Then a little modernising by redoing the prop-shaft and replacing the 51 year old breaks. 

She just got polished and named. Then a little branding. 

Hello Bee.