Toasted / by Guy Bower

The funny thing about running two canteens is the number of toasted sandwiches you sell. We think we make really good interesting food. Lots of options, lots of fun thing to eat. The South African Worker just loves a good toasted sandwich. White bread, brown bread, rye, gluten free, ciabatta bread. But our favourite bread for a toasted sandwich is something called farmhouse. It is from the wonder bakery called The Kramerville bakery right here in Sandton. They use stone ground flour from natal. They make it with love and deliver it to us every morning. 

We've tried to re-invent the toasted sandwich, making it gourmet with lobster, using three cheeses, using expensive bread and dusting in in parmesan before toasting it so you get a crispy cheesy outside. We've been asked to talk about toasted sandwiches, where they come from, who invented them, why they are so popular in the South African culture.  there are so many thoughts and answers, the one thing that sticks is school, we ate them as a treat at school when we got tuk money and in our subconscious it will always be a little treat. Most South Africans just want a standard white bread chicken mayo, second to that is a brown bread cheese and tomato. 

The future of the toasted sandwich is to use the very best tasty ingredients and keep it simple. Don't over complicate things. Traditional goes along way.