#BoweryStyle / by Guy Bower

Because we've been getting so many request about our fresh work 'fits', we thought it was about time to make it available to the public. 

Designed by Guy Bower, we bring you the first line of Bowery styled T-shirts. In three standard sizes: large, medium and small. The bowery T-shirt sports the classic 'B' in superhero fashion. Made with 100% cotton its built to last. 

Its always been a goal for the bowery to start styling the people we serve. Look amazing eat amazing food. We look forward to making new types of designs and styles that will better fit the clientele. 

For R200 you can look as fresh as the crew and feel as fresh as the crew. send us an email to get yours. 


model IG: @innocentsegoai

photography IG: @bookofv