A little Mexican feast / by Guy Bower


Everyone likes a chilled sunday lunch, fuss-less help your self, build a meal, child friendly. Delicious!! Don’t let Mexican food scare you, just keep it simple. Find some flavours you love and mix them, experiment. You need a form of taco, some fillings, a good guac and salsa. Chillies are always a good idea. Here are some images from a Sunday Mexican feast. Guy cooked for a bunch of friends.

Veg nachos to start, large plates with different dipping sauces and guac, lots of cheese easy peasy. Good way to get people to enjoy their drinks and get into a little conversation.

Pork belly, slow cooked short rib, fried chicken done in butter milk. Apple slaw, cheese, tomato salsa, pineapple and habenero salsa. Fried tacos, soft shell tacos and so on, all the food was put on the table and everyone built their own tacos.